The Simpsons

As Cave Guides, we would have "cavers" fill out information sheets about themselves ahead of time that we called "toe tags". This…

Caving Adventures Quote

I was very frightened before I started but determined to do it.  Rusty you made me feel confident.  This is one of the best things I have ever done. Thanks a million.

Bobbi (PA, USA) 17/08/02

Ransom Note

As a tour bus driver for stray travel in New Zealand, we would play a game called "Tractor". The objective was to be the first to spot a…

Waitomo Eel

Thanks guys...Great Adventure, and an exciting experience. Elvis the eel was awesome, however I think he was disappointed that we didn't…

Rusty is an Excellent Guide

For a bus driver, Rusty makes an excellent cave tour guide! We had a great time! Thanks, Rusty for making it so much fun!

Mark & Lisa (Merimbula, Australia) 3/10/02

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday Yo!! I’m trying to think of something that someone else hasn’t said…hum hum…Yo Yo… this was wack dawg! My muscles will be thanking you up the falls. Damn thing. All about adventures in NZ… and this has been a highlight for sure! You are a great guide, good spirit, good smile, good fun! Thanx for a fab time!

Shona (Chicago) 13/09/02